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Cincinnati Brass Band

2018 Fall Concert Series

Thank you to those that joined the Cincinnati Brass Band to enjoy the first concert of our 27th season with guest trumpet soloist Ashley Hall, Principal Trumpet of the Cincinnati Chamber Orchestra. To those that missed this first concert there are still more opportunities to come and enjoy an evening or afternoon of music.

Our next concert will be held in the Cathedral Basilica of the Assumption featuring a patriotic theme as a tribute to our Veterans. The concert will consist of film score music by John Williams and Randy Edleman along with classic pieces by Samuel Barber, Ottorio Respighi and others.

A special musical composition premiered by the Cincinnati Chamber Orchestra this past August has been arranged by the composer Jacob Strom for Brass Band.  “Forward Mission” an original work collaboration between Jacob and Veteran, Michael Mather, a U.S. Army Sgt. to portray the Sergeants journey with premiered his original work, “Forward Mission”.

In an interview from Living,  “Jacob explained that… “I wanted to know the life story about Sgt. Mather.” “He told me all his life he wanted to be in the military, as were his father and brother. He served 14 years all over the world, seven with the Air Force and seven on land.

“I asked him for the most personal story he could tell. He told me the last position he held was as a Forward Observer. You’ve heard of ‘scouts’ – well, his job was to go ahead of them to get the lay of the land. During one mission he got shot in the neck. He said he didn’t even realize it had happened, but it was so serious the doctors weren’t sure if he would survive. They didn’t want him to call his wife, but he did and told her, ‘I’m going to make it’.” Sgt. Mather did make it, and Jacob has had the honor of immortalizing the story Mather shared with his original piece, Forward Mission.

“One of the main ideas behind the piece was to raise awareness of what really goes on in war and how it affects people,” says Jacob. “It’s all about people’s lives, and it could be anyone.”

The Cincinnati Brass Band is honored for the opportunity to perform this work about Veteran, Michael Mather, U.S. Army Sgt., and to also feature a local composer of American music, Jacob Strom through a collaboration with the Music Resource Center (MRC).

Jacob Strom of Hyde Park,  a 2018 graduate of Walnut Hills High School, is beginning his college career at the prestigious Berklee College of Music in Boston. Jacob says he plans to study songwriting and business at Berklee.  Jacob participated in Music Resource Center- Cincinnati (MRC) in East Walnut Hills.  MRC is a multifaceted teen program that uses recording and performing arts, as well as life skills mentoring, to create a sense of empowerment and accomplishment in the urban community.

Admission is a free will offering.

Cathedral Basilica of the Assumption
1101 Madison Avenue;
Covington, KY

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